Stay Ahead of Your Competition

will automatically gather useful insights on your competitors and create reactions based on that data, ensuring you are always stay one step ahead.

  • 24/7 Monitoring of your competition.
  • Constant inspection of competitors websites.
  • Reverse Engineering of SEO data.
  • Track Competitors brand mentions.

Never Miss an Opportunity

We monitor your keywords and markets 24/7, ensuring your business is able to exploit every available opportunity for backlinks, brand mentions, new segments and keywords. Where appropriate, our team will automatically complete submissions for you.

  • Finds missing industry related websites.
  • View all competitors advertising sources.
  • 24/7 Constant Monitoring - Our system never sleeps.
  • Find new networking opportunities.
  • Ensure you're listed in all possible locations.
  • Efficient and reactive to your market.

Track Search Rankings

We monitor the position of your business around the clock within Google for all your keywords. Using this data we can monitor growth over time and exploit new opportunities for customers.

  • Month-to-Month Comparison
  • Automated Discovery of new Search Keywords.
  • Shows number of people searching each month.
  • Enables predictions of growth over time.
  • Spot opportunities in smaller yet valuable keywords.
  • Become aware of problems or new competitors early.

Positive Review Funnel

Our platform helps to manage negative and positive experiences differently. Customers who had a negative experience will receive an apology, whilst offering customers who had a positive experience the option to leave feedback on third party review websites such as Facebook, Yelp or Google.

  • Deal with negative experiences before they spread.
  • Monitor feedback from customers in one place.
  • Gives back power to you, letting you dispute or disapprove reviews.
  • Unbranded and neutral platform.
  • Helps spread your good reviews across the web.
  • Collection of customer data for marketing.

Everything Needed to Get Ahead

We provide all the information, tools and services needed to get ahead of your competition.

Useful Competitor Insight


01 Screenshots

We regularly take screenshots of your competitors website to offer a quick visual inspection

02 Social Media

When detected, we will display your competitors social media feed, allowing you to gain insight.

03 Competitor Listings

We will show you third party websites where we detect backlinks to your competitors website.

04 Website Issues

We constantly scan your competitors websites for problems and compare their ratings to your own.

Search Engine Monkey has helped increase the number of visitors I get onto my website every single month since I joined them, and at a quarter of the cost of my last SEO company.

Marty MckennaBlogger

Does exactly what it says on the tin. Lets me concentrate on teaching, and not worrying about keywords and clicks. Easy to understand information and great results so far.

John HoganEnglish Professional

Cant recommend you enough mate. You've always been good to me and I'm seeing more and more people finding us on Google, which we didn't get before. Cheers.

Daniel BarnesDB Executive Training.

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